New look matches focus on transforming GI health

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI (October 3, 2022)  |  Geneoscopy today announced a corporate rebrand and launch. The rebranding comes at a transformational time for the company.

“We’ve come far since first founding the company,” said Andrew Barnell, CEO and co-founder of Geneoscopy. “With our recent milestones, we felt it was time to refresh our brand to reflect where we are today. Geneoscopy is a dynamic and agile company with an exciting future focused on innovative diagnostics for gastrointestinal health. Our new identity captures this and conveys our organization’s personality and purpose.”

Within the past year, the company has grown to a team of 50 professionals, established headquarters at an 11,000 sq. ft. laboratory and office space in St. Louis, Missouri, and received CLIA-certification for its laboratory. Geneoscopy also recently concluded its pivotal 10,000-patient CRC-PREVENT clinical trial and is preparing to file its Premarket Approval application (PMA) with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in anticipation of a commercial launch for its noninvasive, stool-based seRNA colorectal cancer screening test.

The new branding pays tribute to Geneoscopy’s founders and the company’s roots – depicting a stylized strand of RNA (ribonucleic acid) within the letter “g” of the logomark. RNA is the foundation of Geneoscopy’s patented technology – unique to Geneoscopy’s innovative stool-based diagnostics platforms.

By using contrasting colors for the words “Gene” and “oscopy,” the brand and logo design emphasizes critical aspects of Geneoscopy’s diagnostic capabilities while visually highlighting the pronunciation of the company name – “Gene” and “oscopy”. According to color psychology, the bold palette of blue, teal and gray conveys confidence, trust, inspiration, openness and clarity. The use of design principles – including negative and positive space and incisive line work connect to communicate collaboration, reliability, precision, agility, innovation and breakthroughs.

The corporate branding will appear across Geneoscopy’s print and digital communications beginning in October 2022.

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About Geneoscopy Inc.

Geneoscopy Inc. is a life sciences company focused on the development of diagnostic tests for astrointestinal health. Geneoscopy’s lead diagnostic uses stool-derived eukaryotic RNA (seRNA) to detect olorectal cancer and precancerous adenomas. This device was awarded Breakthrough Device Designation from the U.S. FDA for its ability to reduce morbidity associated with colorectal cancer through advanced adenoma detection. Indicative of its breakthrough status, preliminary trials suggest that the diagnostic can detect these lesions at a higher rate than all existing noninvasive screening tests. Visit to learn more.

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