Our Clinical Evidence

Geneoscopy’s research and development are changing the way we approach gastrointestinal health through advanced diagnostics




CRC-PREVENT: Multi-target Stool RNA Test for Colorectal Cancer Screening

Multitarget Stool RNA Test for Noninvasive Detection of Colorectal Neoplasias in a Multicenter, Prospective, and Retrospective Cohort

Noninvasive Detection of High-Risk Adenomas Using Stool-Derived Eukaryotic RNA Sequences as Biomarkers


Development of a Second Generation Multi-Target Stool RNA Test (ColoSense 2.0) for Colorectal Cancer Screening

Stool-derived Eukaryotic RNA Assay Approximates Disease Activity Index and Predicts Therapeutic Response in Patients with Crohn’s Disease on Advanced Therapies

Stool-derived Eukaryotic RNA Biomarkers for Predicting Therapeutic Response and Monitoring Mucosal Healing for Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Cost Effectiveness Analysis of Novel RNA-Fit Test as a Strategy for CRC Screening in Average Risk U.S. Population

CRC-PREVENT: clinical validation study shows expedited and diverse recruitment for the non-invasive RNA-FIT test that can detect advanced colorectal neoplasia with high sensitivity

Prospective Study Using Virtual Enrollment to Access An RNA-FIT Assay for Non-invasive Detection of Colorectal Neoplasis