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Geneoscopy is different, we invite you to learn more about the ways we are working to transform gastrointestinal health.

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A Passion for Gastrointestinal Research

Geneoscopy is committed to providing safe, effective, and innovative noninvasive tests that improve gastrointestinal disease detection, treatment, and monitoring.

Company History

Geneoscopy was co-founded by the brother and sister team, Andrew (MBA) and Erica Barnell (MD/PhD). The idea for Geneoscopy was conceived during Dr. Erica Barnell’s first clinical rotation while earning her MD/Ph.D. at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. Specifically, Erica encountered a woman with Stage IV colorectal cancer (CRC) who had never undergone a colonoscopy, citing the inconvenience and burden of attending a traditional colonoscopy as key barriers. Meanwhile, Andrew was graduating from the Wharton School of Business with an MBA and focused on helping companies raise capital while working on Wall Street. Together, their expertise in science and business helped form Geneoscopy. Their complementary skills, a mutual passion for healthcare, and a desire to impact patients with gastrointestinal disease provided a clear mission. Stemming from Erica’s early research, Geneoscopy invented a unique noninvasive diagnostic platform using human RNA biomarkers in stool samples. This work paved the way for Genescopy to develop its first product, which is a best-in-class, noninvasive CRC screening test, the foundational assay upon which Geneoscopy is built.



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Geneoscopy Timeline

Geneoscopy and Adiso Therapeutics Announce Precision Immunology Strategic Collaboration
Geneoscopy Signs Multi-Year Agreement with Labcorp
CRC-PREVENT Trial Top Line Data Released
CAP Accreditation

Scientific Advisory Board is formed
CLIA Certification

Geneoscopy receives CLIA Certification

“Goldman Sach’s 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs | Andrew Barnell”
Geneoscopy Enrolls First Patients in CRC-PREVENT U.S. Pivotal Trial

Geneoscopy opens new St. Louis Headquarters including 11,000+ sq. ft. Lab.
Awarded Breakthrough Device Designation
Forbes 30-Under-30 | Erica Barnell
First study
Geneoscopy was founded

Geneoscopy was first founded

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